M o o s s a h W i n e s S t o r y

Moossah Wines – where the love for winemaking meets generations of tradition.

Titizian District in Kessab, Syria. The place where the family used to make wine.

Moossah Wines and the Dream Come True

The story of Moossah Wines dates back to the 12th century. 
The first historic mentionings of the Titizian family are parallel with the era of the rise of the Cilician Kingdom. The Family’s history is over 800 years old and is attached to the village of Casabella (currently the town of Kessab, in Syria) on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Titizian family had been engaged in winemaking and agriculture for centuries. Giving birth to authentic wine-making traditions and a unique blend of endemic varieties.

After WWII, part of the family fled from the town of Kessab and settled in the ancestral lands of Armenia. While the wine-growing and winemaking traditions were preserved by the family, it unfortunately never regained the capacity and power once possessed. Establishing a full-scale winery and producing estate-grown wine remained a dream, yet to be realized.

In 2021 the Titizian family descendant Luiza Avetisyan and her husband Vardan Arakelyan established Moossah Wines and gave the start to Winged Lion Estate.

Winemaking Traditions Dating Back 100 Years


The fist mentioning of family winemaking

Titizian family’s history dates back to the Middle Ages and the last Armenian Kingdom  – the Kingdom of Cilicia. The family lived in a small village called Kessab (also known as Cassabella) on the shores of the Mediterranean. They grew olives and grapes and made their own wine. They used old amphoras to ferment and store wine. 

Late 1940s

Moving to Armenia

Part of the Titizian family repatriated to Armenia – the ancestral motherland, and settled in Yerevan. Winemaking traditions started to fade.

Late 1990s

Making wine for home use

The family had a small but nice vineyard providing a sufficient volume of the harvest to make wine for self-use, using the same technology as was used back in Kessab. 


The birth of Moossah Wines

Translated from Armenian, the word moossah means inspiration, muse, and artistry. However, in 2021, the fourth generation descendant of the Titizian (now Avetisyan) family, Luiza Avetisyan, founded Winged Lion Estate and Moossah Wines brand with her husband, Vardan Arakelyan, who is a winemaker by education.


The people behind Moossah Wines

Founder and Chief of Growth

Luiza Avetisyan

“With strong academics and years of experience in IT, I found my heart captivated by the world of wine—a passion that bloomed despite its divergence from my initial path.

Today, armed with a tech-savvy background and a profound adoration for wine, I stand as a co-founder of Moossah Wines, dedicated to promoting Armenian Winemaking in the world.”

Moossah Wines Story
Founder and Chief Winemaker

Vardan Arakelyan 

“I embraced the path of a winemaker years ago, a choice that was less traveled by the youth of my time.

Today, I take pride in my robust academic foundation, which serves as the bedrock for my role as the founder and chief winemaker of Moossah Wines.”

Moossah Wines in Photos

Moossah Wines Story

Live, Love, Savor Moossah!

Moossah: where the spirit of inspiration meets the art of winemaking.
From the very first sip, Moossah will awaken your senses and ignite your imagination, drawing upon centuries of Armenian winemaking traditions to deliver a taste that is as extraordinary as it is empowering.

With each glass, you’ll discover a new wellspring of creativity and a renewed passion for life and love. That is why we called it Moossah – the Armenian word for artistry, muse and inspiration.

Crafted with unwavering dedication and infused with boundless love, every bottle of Moossah is a tribute to the power of inspiration and the transformative beauty of artistry.
Experience the magic of Moossah and unlock your inner muse, as you savor each exquisite sip and discover the limitless potential of your own creativity.