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Our Values: The Heart and Soul of Moossah Wines

Moossah Values


Moossah Wines create immense value by reviving and promoting the once-powerful Armenian winemaking tradition. Armenia is known for its rich history of winemaking, and Moossah Wines is dedicated to preserving this heritage by crafting exceptional wines that reflect the country's unique terroir and culture.

Moossah Values


At Moossah Wines, we are on a mission to produce wines that not only captivate the senses but also celebrate Armenia's rich cultural heritage. Our wines are more than just a drink; they are a journey that transports the drinker to our cultural roots and shares the beauty and traditions of Armenian winemaking with the world.

Moossah Values


Our vision is to establish Armenian winemaking as a globally recognized brand, rooted in the rich history and heritage of our country. We believe that our commitment to producing exceptional wines will add value to establishing Armenia as a premier wine destination, attracting enthusiasts from around the world.